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What is the METRO Forward Transit Plan?

The METRO Forward Plan is the process through which the transit district must reduce operating expenses by $6.5 million for the 2017 fiscal year, by significantly reducing fixed-route bus service starting in September of 2016.

To accomplish this, METRO is conducting an in-depth Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA). An initial proposal for a reducing bus network/system will be presented to the METRO Board of Directors at their March 25th meeting, with further consideration at their April and May meetings with a final decision to be made at their June 24th meeting.

Why is METRO
conducting the Plan?

METRO currently has a structural deficit where annual recurring revenues cannot keep up with annual recurring costs. This requires a $6.5M reduction in the fiscal year 2017 budget (details of this issue can be found here). Operating costs have increased significantly in recent years, while funding sources have been flat or declining. In an effort to achieve financial sustainability in the future, METRO must reduce the scale of bus operations.

What type of outreach and community participation is planned?

There are opportunities for general public and transit rider comment/input through pop-ups, open houses, and online response at the website. METRO staff also is available to speak with community and business groups upon request.  Refer to the Event Calendar to see where and when METRO staff will be engaging the public. Members of the public are also welcome to attend METRO Board hearings to observe presentations that relate to the project.

Transcript from SC METRO’s Board Meetings on May 26, 2016 and May 27, 2016.

What has the analysis included?

Market Assessment

In-depth analysis of the mobility needs and development patterns in Santa Cruz County. This key piece of the study helps identify what markets have a higher propensity to use transit and where they are located in the region. This interim document has been completed and can be found here.

Service Assessment

Evaluation of existing services and identification of opportunities to support the efficient and effective use of resources. During the Service Assessment, a survey of many routes (either whole routes or key segments) was conducted to observe and record passenger activity at each stop. This interim document has been completed and can be found here.

Transit Network Solutions

Taking into consideration the current financial constraints, as well as the information gleaned from the Market and Service Assessments, the team will develop a service scenario that presents a redesigned transit network which achieves the required $6.5 million reduction in operating costs. The service scenarios will provide detail regarding ridership impacts (both to fixed route and Paracruz services), service hours, and operating costs. While a significant amount of service hours will need to be eliminated, METRO will strive to maintain key services in and between communities.

How can I stay informed about the project and get details on the engagement opportunities?

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